Netfluential and DataSift team up to offer brands anonymised and aggregated Facebook topic data

LONDON – 12 January 2016 - Netfluential, an innovative consumer insights agency, is proud to announce that it is partnering with DataSift, the Human Data intelligence provider. The partnership enables the full integration of anonymous and aggregated Facebook topic data into Netfluential’s consumer insights services for innovation, brand engagement and communications research. Netfluential will now be able to analyse global content data about specific activities, events, brand names, and other subjects that 1.55 billion monthly active users are sharing on Facebook in real-time. This will help brands see the world through a consumer-focused lens and make consumer-led decisions without compromising people’s privacy.

“For a long time we’ve followed the developments in social and digital data analytics. However, we were never convinced that the data available was sufficiently representative or inclusive for the brands we work with to learn more about consumer behaviour and attitudes,” said Jeroen Verheggen, co-founder of Netfluential. “This is now changing. Facebook topic data is the start of a new era in the insights community and wider marketing world, providing unrivalled access to the biggest source of public opinion data on Earth without compromising consumer trust. As before with online qualitative research, Netfluential will play a leading role in harnessing these opportunities by integrating new forms of social and digital data into the analysis mix. We’ll be building new tools that bring together numerous data sources in real-time so that we can help the brands we work with to make better decisions faster.”

"DataSift’s aim is to provide organisations across the globe with the ability to gain intelligence and business value from the wealth of insights now available out there,” said Tim Barker, CEO, DataSift. “With Facebook topic data, companies can pluck the signal from the data noise and gain a greater understanding of what Facebook audiences are sharing and engaging around in a privacy-safe way. I’m delighted that Netfluential is partnering with us to offer its customers access to this data to increase brand innovation and improve customer engagement.”

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